About tl;du

What is tl;du?

tl;du is an acronym that stands for “too long; didn’t understand” — a play on the more popular tl;dr acronym.

Who has time to read all this crap?

– Me (probably you, too)

TooLongDidntUnderstand.com was created to provide easy-to-understand recommendations that aim to improve the financial well-being of everyday Americans.

While there are countless resources that already exist for this purpose (many of which feed into the content of this website), every tl;du article will :

  • Ad-revenue transparency
    • All advertisement revenue generated from tl;du will be publicly disclosed. You’ll never have to guess whether any recommendations are financially motivated.
  • Everyday examples
    • Where possible, examples from real-life scenarios will be provided from myself or other verified sources.
  • Full analysis
    • Every article will attempt to provide both summarized conclusions and the detailed analysis that led to those conclusions.